Butterflies and Bad Days

Butterflies and Bad Days

She asked me if I thought she was nuts, “Am I crazy?” were her exact words. This was coming from a person who had blasted through six months of total transformation. Honestly – she didn’t even seem like the same person I met. A fundamental shift had occurred in her thinking, her behaviors and her […]

It Isn't All Suffering

It Isn’t All Suffering.

Compared to minds timeless space like luminous nature everything else pales in comparison. Maybe you’ve even experienced this already briefly… Staring at a sunset Looking at a newborn child smile Seeing your loved one across a crowded room In the ecstasy of orgasm Hearing a piece of music that makes time virtually stop Floating in […]

padmasambhavas pointing out instructions

Padmasambhava’s Pointing Out Instructions

Over 1000 years have passed since the Great Master Padmasambhava gave these pointing out instructions. And I believe that these instructions of precise clarity were truly meant for the Western mind. Below you will find: Padmasambhava’s Pointing Out Instructions to the King and the 25 Disciples Padmasambhava’s Pointing-Out Instruction to the Old Lady Padmasambhava’s Pointing the […]

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