50 ways to stress less

50 Ways to Stress Less

I’ve never really been good with stress. Not that all forms of stress are bad. Like the saying goes, “No pressure – no diamonds.” But for me stress has been my arch nemesis for most of my life. I’m getting better and the tips below have helped me tremendously. Below you’ll find 50 ways to […]

The practice: Love freely

The Practice: Love Freely

How do you love? The Practice: Love freely. Why? In my early 20′s, I went through Rolfing, a form of deep-tissue bodywork, and I nervously anticipated the 5th session, the one that goes deep into the belly. But instead of gobs of repressed emotional pain, what poured out was love – waves and waves of […]

Hardwiring Happiness Book Review

Hardwiring Happiness – Book Review

This book review is long overdue. I originally received an advance copy of Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm and Confidence many moons ago. I felt like a kid at Christmas. I love Rick Hanson’s work. Ever since he released Buddha’s Brain I’ve been a fanboy. So as I peeled open the […]