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Build Your Soulmate From Scratch

Building Your Soulmate Bit by Bit I’ve never been attracted to a certain “type” of person before. If you lined up all my former lovers that group would look like a united colors of Benetton ad. Well, sort-of like a Benetton ad… But all that’s changed recently. I started having fun using online date sites. […]

Soulmate Dating – Inexpensive First Date Ideas

Going On A First Date? Here’s Ten Ideas That Are Inexpensive and Won’t Break The Bank “I hated dating.” That’s what he said to me. He’s an older man, maybe in his early fifties and I was speaking to him about inexpensive first dates ideas. Not that he’s been on a first date recently or […]

It Takes Soulmates 100 Years To Share a Pillow

It May Take Awhile To Share A Pillow With Your Soulmate Have you ever met someone you were attracted to and things just clicked? It’s like you’ve know each other for awhile. And even though you just met everything seems easy and smooth. Sorta of like putting on your favorite pair of jeans. Well the […]

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