It Isn't All Suffering

It Isn’t All Suffering.

Compared to minds timeless space like luminous nature everything else pales in comparison. Maybe you’ve even experienced this already briefly… Staring at a sunset Looking at a newborn child smile Seeing your loved one across a crowded room In the ecstasy of orgasm Hearing a piece of music that makes time virtually stop Floating in […]

padmasambhavas pointing out instructions

Padmasambhava’s Pointing Out Instructions

Over 1000 years have passed since the Great Master Padmasambhava gave these pointing out instructions. And I believe that these instructions of precise clarity were truly meant for the Western mind. Below you will find: Padmasambhava’s Pointing Out Instructions to the King and the 25 Disciples Padmasambhava’s Pointing-Out Instruction to the Old Lady Padmasambhava’s Pointing the […]

The Stages of Meditation

The 9 Stages of Meditation (Shamatha)

Thinking of getting into meditation? It’s an awesome thought. Meditation has fundamentally changed my life. But the sad part is that countless people all over the globe may work up the courage to give meditation a try only to stop after the first few attempts. They go and sit for a moment only to discover […]

The Breath

The Wisdom of the Breath

“Be mindful of the breath.”  All over the world Meditation teachers from every background use the breath as a tool and anchor while we sit. And thousands of times throughout the day teachers say to their students, “Be mindful of the breath.”  But have we ever really explored the breath and the wisdom that it […]

Signs of Stress

24 Stress Warning Signs and Symptoms

The following table lists some of the common warning signs and symptoms of stress. The more signs and symptoms you notice in yourself, the closer you may be to stress overload. 24 Stress Warning Signs and Symptoms Cognitive Symptoms Emotional Symptoms Memory problems Inability to concentrate Poor judgment Seeing only the negative Anxious or racing […]

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Loving-Kindness Meditation

“All the peace and happiness of the whole globe, the peace and happiness of societies, the peace and happiness of families, the peace and happiness in the individual persons’ life, and the peace and happiness of even the animals and so forth, all depends on having loving kindness toward each other.” Lama Zopa Rinpoche Picture […]

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