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Butterflies and Bad Days

Butterflies and Bad Days

She asked me if I thought she was nuts, “Am I crazy?” were her exact words. This was coming from a person who had blasted through six months of total transformation. Honestly – she didn’t even seem like the same person I met. A fundamental shift had occurred in her thinking, her behaviors and her […]

padmasambhavas pointing out instructions

Padmasambhava’s Pointing Out Instructions

Over 1000 years have passed since the Great Master Padmasambhava gave these pointing out instructions. And I believe that these instructions of precise clarity were truly meant for the Western mind. Below you will find: Padmasambhava’s Pointing Out Instructions to the King and the 25 Disciples Padmasambhava’s Pointing-Out Instruction to the Old Lady Padmasambhava’s Pointing the […]

Everything we're looking for is right here in the present moment

How to Find What You’re Looking For

“I’m not happy.” Is what she said to me. If you looked deeply in her eyes you’d be lost in a sea of despair, disappointment and depression. And even though she was looking right at me she wasn’t really there with me. She was lost in the past or flipping to visions of the future. […]

Seeing the signs because the universe is speaking to you.

Seeing the Signs

It was two in the morning and she lay there in her hospital gown wide awake and stressed. Not because of the seizure that had sent her to the hospital. She was worried about her work (which was why she was there in the first place). The constant deadlines, maddening pace, more responsibility and diminishing […]

You can choose to live in the front row or the third row

Choose A Front Row Life

Our minds are way more powerful than we know. I recently read about an awesome insight that the cognitive psychologist Ellen Langer stumbled upon. She noticed that elderly individuals who pictured themselves as when they were younger began to experience magical transformations in their lives. Envisioning younger versions of themselves gave birth to them feeling […]

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