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Mindful Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. Where the clock will strike midnight and people all over the globe will be setting New Years resolutions. Hoping that this year will be a little (or maybe a lot) better than the last. As practitioners of the dharma, goals present a bit of a conundrum. How can you […]

How to heal a broken heart mindfully

How to Heal A Broken Heart – Mindfully

A cool late night summer breeze is blowing through the open window. The house is quiet aside from the sounds of the crickets chirping outside. A single light is on in the house. And something deep inside of me finally feels safe enough to let me know it’s there. A truth that I’ve been avoiding. […]

Deepak Chopra on Mindfulness and Multitasking and more

Deepak Chopra on Mindfulness and Multitasking

I love listening to Deepak Chopra’s voice. So peaceful and relaxing. He recently sat down with John Biggs from TechCrunch to talk about Mindfulness, Multitasking and more. Below you’ll find the highlights of that interview transcribed and the video – for some reason I couldn’t embed the vid here on the site 🙁 Ah technology… […]

Mindfulness Quotes

Mindfulness Quotes to Inspire & Deepen Your Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness has fundamentally transformed not only my life but my children’s lives as well. It’s with that love and appreciation that I present to you a growing collection of Mindfulness Quotes that I hope will inspire and help to deepen your mindfulness practice. “At any moment the fully present mind can shatter time and burst […]

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What Is Mindfulness?

Before we jump into what Mindfulness and Mindfulness meditation is let’s have a look at what it’s not. This process will help to lay the foundations of your practice and give you a clear understanding of mindfulness. One of the most concise explanations of what Mindfulness Meditation isn’t comes from Mindfulness In Plain English by H. […]

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