Soulmate Stories – Expecting The Unexpected

Soulmate stories - expecting the unexpectedSoulmate Stories

Expecting the Unexpected

He was just going to walk the eight blocks but something compelled him to hop on the streetcar.

He paid his fare and looked around for a seat. That’s when he saw her. His face flashed red and his heart pounded hard in his chest. He did everything he could not to make eye contact with her.

They had met a couple of months back. She had answered an ad he placed in the newspaper.  But both of them agreed that it wasn’t a match.

But here they were, face to face again. Just a couple of seats separating the two of them.

They shot each other nervous glances. Each one letting their nervous fear glue them to their seats.

That night she took action. Emailing him, asking if that was really him on the streetcar that night.

It was.

And something inside both of them sparked to life. They knew that they couldn’t let this moment pass them by again. And tossing caution and reasoning aside they took a chance. Giving their love one more shot.

They’ve been married for over ten years now.

So what can we learn from this Soulmate story?

* That love can find us when we least expect it.

* Maybe the person who you thought wasn’t right for you is just not a match for you right now.

* Keep your options and your heart open.

* Be brave and take action.

Finding your Soulmate is a winding road. It leads you to unexpected places. And sometimes the journey loops back around showing something that you missed the first time around.

And remember, your Soulmate is looking for you too!

Ian – The Soulmate Scientist

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3 Responses to “Soulmate Stories – Expecting The Unexpected”

  1. I believe that in this day and age it is eaiser to reconnect with those from the past and realize the connection. It has recently happened to me. I am in the midst of a divorce and at the most difficult moment, my ex from 22 years ago finds me on facebook and it was a whirlwind of emails over 2 weeks. The hitch: he is married and has a family and has a life in another country. Kind of frustrating and exhilirating at the same time. Drawn together, but cannot be together.

  2. I have found my soul mate after all of this time. The adventure now is to try to get to where he lives as he and I are so connected in ways, it’s ethereal. He was my soul mate up in Heaven as he was the older soul looking after the younger soul (me). When he let go of my hand in Heaven, I wanted him to stay but it was his time to be born. I have always been looking for him..and I found him in the strangest of places (a forum) and now, we are looking for our happily ever after. He is my life and I am his..for I love him so much that it hurts being anywhere away from him (he feels the same way as well). We will be together…yes we will.

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