The Daily Practice

The Four Foundational Precepts

Just for today…

I will be loving and kind
I will be compassionate and caring
I will be joyous and enthusiastic
I will be calm and aware

The Nine Elements of Awakening

May I be mindfully aware throughout the day
May I be giving, generous and kind to everyone I meet
May I be skillful in thoughts, words and deeds
May I be patient and trusting knowing that everything unfolds in it own time
May I be persistent and strive diligently along the way and endure any hardships that may arise
May I be energetic, enthusiastic and joyous in all that I do
May I remain calm in the face of every adversity
May I practice meditation so that I may be able to remain focused, aware and anchored in equanimity
May I attain deep and penetrating wisdom that sees clearly and knows the truth of the way things are

May I attain all of the Nine Factors of Awakening so that my very own life becomes a universal blessing.

These Nine can be summed up as: Mindfulness. Giving. Skillfulness. Patience. Persistence. Joy. Calm. Samadhi. Wisdom. (The Nine Factors of Awakening are a skillfully arranged combination of the 6 Paramitas and the Seven Factors of Enlightenment)

The Daily Meditative Practice


With deep reverence and thanks I mentally bow to…

The Pristine Primordial Purity of the One Source of All. Ineffable and beyond all concepts and imaginings

The radiant wisdom of the Awakened Mind that is vast and clear like space.

And the active compassion that ceaselessly flows in all directions.

The Great Motivation

Looking at the world I see that everyone is hurting. That we’re all suffering in some way. That sentient beings have been lost in the great forgetting and are helpless, alone and in pain.

What can be done to help? Who can step forward to free us from this sea of suffering?

And deep within me I know the answer.

And within my mind I let forth my lions roar:

“Here I am. I shall free us all.”

And with this great motivation I set myself to practice…

The Four Thoughts

We settle ourselves into the noble and majestic meditative posture and gently rest our awareness on the tactile sensations of the breath as it flows gently and soothingly through the body.

We let thoughts and feelings pass without judgment. We calmly abide in this natural state.

Then we focus on the four basic thoughts, which turn mind towards liberation and enlightenment:

We recognize the preciousness of acquiring this human life and the opportunity that is now before us; that we can benefit countless beings through the methods of the Awakened Ones. Few people ever meet The Way of Oneness teachings and even fewer are able to use them.

We remember the impermanence of everything composite. Nothing remains forever. Only the unlimited clear space of mind is lasting and it is uncertain how long conditions will remain for recognizing it. The days and nights are stealing away my life. Tomorrow is not promised. Death may come at any time.

We understand causality. That it is up to us what will happen. Former thoughts, words and actions became our present state and right now we are sowing the seeds for our future.

Finally, we see the reasons for working with mind. Enlightenment is timeless highest bliss, and we cannot benefit others while confused or disturbed ourselves.

Therefore we now open up to those who can teach us.


I give thanks to and call upon the great spiritual masters of the past, present and future. Be here now. Think of me and bless me with your wisdom and grace.

I give thanks to the Dharma, the teachings of the Way of Oneness that leads one beyond the shores of suffering to the abode of true and authentic happiness.

I give thanks to the sangha, our group of spiritual friends that are on this journey with us.

For the good of all beings…

I go now to refuge to all three: the teachers that show us our potential, the teachings that guide us there and the community that supports us in our efforts to achieve perfect awakening in this very lifetime.

The Practice

We rest comfortably in the majestic meditative posture and continue to gently rest our awareness on the tactile sensations of the breath as it flows gently and soothingly through the body.

We let thoughts and feelings pass without judgment. We calmly abide in this natural state.

We go deep into our meditative state. All form may disappear. There is now only awareness, with no center or limit.

Pause and rest here for awhile…

Thoughts and phenomena are the free play of space.

Pause and rest here for awhile…

Completion Phase

Now, our surroundings, this world and all worlds appear, perfect and pure. Every atom vibrates with joy and is kept together by love.

Everything is fresh and meaningful, radiant with unlimited potential.

Beings manifest, near and far. They are female or male Buddhas (Awakened Ones), whether they know it or not. Sounds are mantras and all thoughts wisdom, for the sole reason that they can happen.

We feel our own body condense out of space. It is power and joy.

Something essential has happened.

Before, we WERE our body and thus vulnerable to old age, sickness, death and loss. Now we HAVE our body. Body and speech are conscious tools for benefiting others.

Our true essence, and we know that now, is the clear awareness just experienced. It was also present when there was no form.

We decide to keep this understanding in all life’s situations and wish that the good impressions that just appeared become limitless.

May they bring all beings the only lasting joy, that of knowing and discovering the potential that lives within them.

(Bring your hands together and give thanks)

This daily meditation practice was greatly inspired by the Holy 16th Karmapa and the great Dharma Guardian Lama Ole Nydhal. I bow with deep reverence to these two shining lights who showed me my inherent potential.

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